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Bob Shiell

Bob Shiell is a 14 year survivor of prostate cancer who owes his life to research, and improved treatments and care in the area of prostate cancer. Shiell is a leader in advocating for improved treatment, education and knowledge. A known public speaker in prostate cancer support circles, Shiell is always willing to share knowledge and information with individuals and groups. Shiell is virtually running in support of prostate cancer research.


Supporting research in:
Prostate Cancer

The third most common cause of death from cancer in men of all ages is prostate cancer. In men over the age of 75, it is the main cause of death. It is IMRIC, the Men's Health Initiative of British Columbia, VGH and the University of British Columbia's main goal to develop ways to effectively treat this deadly killer.

It is from this research that they hope no more sons, fathers, husbands and grandfathers will have to suffer.