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Connie Putterman

Connie Putterman leads Canadian business development for Springboard, a U.S. based consulting company that manages corporate disability, diversity, work-life and human resource initiatives. For twenty years, Putterman has focused her professional efforts on connecting people, all with a view towards promoting innovation, development, business strategies and new ideas. In her volunteer efforts, among other things, Putterman has been an active member of the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University Toronto Chapter Board. Putterman is an advocate for children with Autism. In our Virtual Marathon for Medical Research, Putterman will be running in support of Autistic Spectrum Disorder research.


Supporting research in:
Autism Spectrum Disorder

Every year, more and more children get diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. With an onset prior to three years of age, these children spend the majority of their lives dealing with the academic and social implications that are associated with this brain disorder.

The exact cause of autism remains unknown however IMRIC is committed to making as many strides in research in this area as possible.