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Sophie Milman

Sophie Milman is a Juno Award winning jazz singer who is committed to raising awareness for the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada. Milman has lived in both Israel and Canada and understands collaboration between brilliant scientists across continents can yield exceptional results. IMRIC conducts fundamental and applied research in biomedicine, unlocking the mysteries of disease and finding the keys to their causes, treatment and prevention. Milman visited the IMRIC facilities in the summer of 2011 and was extremely impressed with the professionalism, passion and commitment of the researchers, as well as the scale and scope of the facilities. Milman has chosen to virtually run for diabetes research because the disease has touched her life in a very painful way – claiming the life of her beloved grandmother.


Supporting research in:

Many young people are diagnosed with diabetes, an irreversible disease that affects otherwise healthy people. The day-to-day care that diabetes requires is something that poses life-long challenges for those diagnosed.

At IMRIC and the University of Alberta, research is being done to provide radical new treatment for those suffering from diabetes so that their lives will no longer be controlled by this distressing disease.