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The Hon. Jerry Grafstein

The Honourable Jerry S. Grafstein, Q.C. is a Toronto lawyer, former senator, and entrepreneur, who has contributed greatly towards parliamentary democracy, academic excellence and medical research by establishing a cancer research network at IMRIC. The Hon. Jerry Grafstein is virtually running in support of research in Visual Impairment, a cause close to his heart after seeing his grandfather suffer from serious visual impairment for most of his adult life.


Supporting research in:
Visual Impairment

284 million people are visually impaired worldwide. Imagine not knowing what colors look like or having to walk everywhere with a white cane. For people who live with visual impairments, this is a part of every day life.

At IMRIC, we are training people to 'see' with sound and walk without the use of the traditional white cane. Training in sensory substitution and the development of the virtual cane gives new hope to people who are learning to 'see' in ways they never thought possible.