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Dr. Karen Gelmon

Dr. Karen Gelmon is a medical oncologist and a part of the Head Investigational Drug Program, Experimental Therapeutics, Department of Medical Oncology at the BC Cancer Agency, as well as a Professor of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. Her research activity focuses partly on developing new and improved treatment options for persons with Breast Cancer. Dr. Gelmon is virtually running in support of research in Breast Cancer.


Supporting research in:
Breast Cancer

Each year, thousands of women, both young and old, are plagued by the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. This disease not only affects these women individually, but their families as well.

The IMRIC collaboration between McGill University and the Hebrew University will help us to understand how cancer cell programming works, which can help scientists stop the spread of the cancer. This research can give doctors more effective forms of treatment and save the lives of thousands of women in the future.